Bradley, sell the F2A and the F3HP. Buy the F3P that's on eBay, which isn't much worse than mine - add the rubber gasket, and it's almost the same condition-wise to mine, except for some minor spots of missing paint on the prism, etc - then swap your MD-4/MK-1 combo onto said F3P. I'm beginning to think that it may be a while before KEH gets another body like mine.

Heck, I might be interested in buying the MD-2/MB-1 if it has a serial in the 43xxxx range or below. I suspect that with the sale of those two bodies, plus the motor drive, you'll have more than enough to cover the purchase of that P body.

Re: the F2's... Those weren't the ones being sold for $150 or so on evilBay, were they?