I flew from Seattle to Las Vegas in 09 and on the return trip I had a bottle of water I bought in the terminal and was drinking it while in line. As I got closer I did what I usually do when out. I put it in my coat pocket. I put my carry on including my coat in the tubs that go through the X-ray machine. They stopped the machine and fished out the bottle and handed it to me. "Do you want to drink it or put it in the garbage?" Pointing to a garbage can. Then they ran my camera bag back in and out then in then out then they stopped and asked me "Where's the flux capacitor?" They broke out laughing! I said I was going to a workshop and they smiled and nodded. It was pretty strange.

Another time in Seattle eveything ran through ok except my boots. The boots didn't make it through the machine. They insisted they didn't have them. I said they're what I wore to the airport. After a supervisor was called they shut the line down and opened the covers of the machine. Sure enough there were my boots. I still don't understand how boots in a tub on a conveyer can end up inside the machine. I keep a note of everything I put through.

As as for inspection of film I just put it through. My last trip was from Seattle to Amsterdam to Venice, the train to Milan, then to Rome and from Rome to Atlanta and Atlanta to Seattle. All my rollfilm was fine with no fog.