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I realize computer technology is nothing to sneeze at, or belittle. I concede it does indeed take some fine minds and collaborative efforts in that field. That said, I simply do not have the awe or respect for Apple or Microsoft, et al; as I do for companies like Kodak, DuPont, and the likes of them. Probably never will.
I work as an electronic engineer (but seem to do more mechanical engineering now) and I am always more impressed with the ingenuity shown in clever mechanical solutions to problems compared with electronic solutions.

An example of this is the Compur type of shutter. Look inside and you will see a quite complex mechanism which was designed to fit in a small space and was drawn up without the aid of computer modeling or CAD. There was not much margin for error as each part would need tooling to make it so it had to be close to right first time.

Compare this to an electronic timer controlling a servo to open and close the shutter - a trained monkey could design that!