One of the F2/DE-1 bodies was a private purchase locally; a second DE-1 finder was also private from a fellow APUGer. Only the second, and most recent purchase (Tuesday, past) came from e**y (a $43.00 USD winning bid for a 79xxxxx black body that looks to be about a 7 or so, judging from pics...). BTW: 1). If you want a AH-3 (gratis) for Ms F3P, I have one kicking around; and 2). Do you know of anyone in your area needing a partially disassembled F2 body (and a bag-o-parts from same)? I recall you mentioning that one of our Washington State APUGers liked fixer-uppers (an alternative, of course, would be to donate the carcass to the "Save Sover fund" when I send in a couple of the F2s for CLAs).