I too started by the 'See-Saw' method in 1951 when I joined the School Photo-Soc and teh Chemistry Master showed us how to make up our own developers from the base chemicals -- I had my Mum's 1930's Kodak Brownie 'Hawkeye' Box camera and I cycled over 5 miles to a wonderful 'Emporium' in London where all manner of ex WWII gear was sold by an Old Gent who would take down packets and bottles and blow the dust off !! There I bought some ex RAF 120 film for 6 pence a roll -- I darkened out our bathroom with an old blanket and put some RED Paper round the bulb as I was told the film was 'Orthochromatic' and could be developed under 'RED' light -- I mixed up a couple of spoonfuls of home-made developer, stop bath was my Mum's Vinegar, and Hypo Crystals made the fixer and 'see-sawed' the film through - well, the Grey and foggy images I produced I thought were the 'Bees-Knees' !! REAL PHOTOGRAPHY !!