Hi all - sorry, its been a long long time since i posted here ... But i have some news that might be of interest ...

I was chatting with Mike Walker the other day, and the topic of the next possible member of the Harman TiTAN pinhole camera family was raised (by me). Mike said he'd been thinking about a 120 panoramic version - 6x12 or similar. He reckoned he could produce the camera with its own integral and removable roll film holder, and darkslide so a range of focal length cones can be changed mid-roll. Also, it could have some ability for adapting it to 5x4 too.

Sounds exciting, but I'm not sure about the 6x12 ratio? And, zero image seems to have the market cornered?

What do you reckon? Would you buy one? What features would lift it above what is already available?