But I know I can repair things, because I can fix anything. That's not really my question. My question is whether my $177 can still be considered a good buy.
Well, the yoke (rails) usually sell for $70 on ebay. A striped body goes for $50-$75. A good curtain on the rollers $40. There's $160-$195 before shipping if you need the parts or strip it and eventually sell them minus the listing time, packing and shipping time, and listing fees.

You have failed to state exactly what is broken and it may be just misassembled. Then there is the overall appearance to be considered.
Generally a Speed body needing servicing and or minor repair goes for $100 to $150 depending on what is wrong.

The camera and leaf shutter in working condition with clean lens goes for around $350 and said freshly serviced around $500 unless you buy from the seller looking for the collector that has to have that one then you'll pay 2 to 3 times those figures.

you probably got a good buy but without seeing it or knowing what is broken it will be a SWAG to give a definite yes or no answer.

I'll fix it for you for $250 + shipping both ways or I'll lease you my 5# sledge hammer for $50 + shipping.