Hi. I have an odd question. I want to try to shoot Instax Wide film in a Fuji GW690II. There are two problems with this and I was hoping you might at least help me with at least one of them.

So far, I know I'll need to load and unload the camera in the dark, pretty easy.

Problem 1 - I'm not sure how to get the camera to fire without advancing actual film through it. This may require something rather complex, and I don't expect there an easy answer for it. Too bad there isn't a double exposure lever or something.

Problem 2 - I'll need to "process" the film once I make the exposure. Can I use a rolling pin or something like that to break the chemical pack and spread it? Would it be easier to shove it through the rollers of another polaroid camera?

Any advice you can offer would be great. Thanks!