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i started this thread

should i put a limit on the stuff people should be able to get ?


this thread is just as it should be,
people giving stuff away for free, and as long as the recipient
isn't ummm reselling the stuff on ebay or in the apug classifieds
than i think if he or she wants to fill the spare bedroom with junque he or she
may never use except to get him or her on the next season of "hoarders" that is fine by me.

lets keep this thread to its original mission ... as stated here

this is a humble thread that is for all those kind people
who have (free) stuff ( film, cameras, darkroom stuff, you name it )
to give away.


the giver-awayer sets the rules
how the item will be shipped ...


the giver-awayer comes back to the
thread and quotes his / her own entry and
states " GIVEN AWAY "

1 roll of 616 GIVEN AWAY

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