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Are they and does it? I am a subscriber and I don't have an issue with these pictures being displayed here. I also didn't think that there is a specific rule that says only images may be displayed in the gallery. If it does, we better delete all the images out of the MSA threads then.
Yes because the image files take up valuable server space, that's the reason for the paid membership and why we have limits to how many images we can upload to them. If every non-member could just upload all the images they want to a new thread it eats up space. Also, this is more than 5 images which is the limit we have for uploading per day.

So 2 rules broken

I also don't really think she was posed very well, or at least that the model was any good at posing, and the posters stated these are images he wanted to share, but never actually stated that these are his images...

OP would you consider subscribing? It's actually not very much and helps out the community a lot is that something you would open yourself up to consider?

Also I feel like I've been subscriber for a while, does anyone know where you're supposed to check to see when your subscription runs out?

Also when you have someone make a donation, like in a sale for example when you sell an item and then say instead of paying me donate to APUG, does that count towards your subscription somehow?

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