Shot these right around mid-day to get a worst-case scenario with this film. 8ml of HC110, enough water to fill tank. I agitated this more than I likely should have, 8 mins of dev time. I guessed that 8ml of HC110 syrup would be more appropriate than the normal 6ml that I use for 120 (same tank/reel) to not hit depletion. I normally go for 5ml for 35mm roll, 6 for 120 and it's been fine for 20+ rolls, even at varying temperatures.

I have a lot helping to add contrast in this set compared to what I normally shoot:

1) Contrasty lens shot at optimum apertures (f/8-11) (My only other P67 lens, and most of my 35mm gear is single coated and '60s vintage or older)
2) Hard shoulder on the film curve (have shot Tri-X 400 but never this 320 ASA version)
3) 30 sec of agitation, then 10 sec every minute (vs normal 5)
4) Less diluted developer mix (8ml for a Yankee tank instead of normal 6ml for 120 format, and negligibly less water due to amount of 220 film in same tank/reel setup vs. 120)
5) Sunny day, around 2PM. Normally I would not take pictures at that time.

End result, I'll try another test roll and shoot in similar conditions and try to knock down the contrast with less agitation. My end goal is to simulate and then correctly develop 3-4 rolls of this that I shot in France this summer. I used 200ASA for my metering there, figuring a slight pull would help tame contrast some.

Is that plan flawed, as far as controlling contrast with less agitation? I need to stick with HC110 and have enough rolls of the same batch of film to experiment some, but obviously the more I can hone in each time, the better.