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Heaven save us from ratcheting plastic reels -- the only thing worse are old "apron" tanks that wind up leaving rub marks on the negatives. I suggest you stick with solid reels, as apparently you've begun to do. Sacrifice an old unused roll of film and practice loading until you can do it quickly and without error -- give you hands something to do while you're watching the tube!
No need to be dramatic about it. Ratcheting reels are much easier for some people to use, especially beginners. I also prefer them over stainless reels, and I have done tons of developing. The one thing one has to watch out for is that the reel and film are both perfectly dry and clean. I work carefully with my films, making sure not to force anything, and I never have any problems with either loading or development. In any case, I can't imagine loading flimsy, curly film like Foma into a stainless reel. It would drive me nuts.