Hi Folks

I would like to announce my long time assistants first major show in Europe.

Mac came to Canada around 10 years ago as an intern sponsored by the French Gov't and worked with me
for 1year. He then went back to France and completed his photography degree. Much to my dismay he came
back to Canada , and has been in my face for the last 8 years.

He has been taking a degree course in Languages at York University, works part time with us and travels as much as
he can to photograph using a 4x5 and FP4/HP5. All prints are enlarger based printed on Ilford Warmtone and selenium toned slightly.
Though he could have printed this work himself, he gave me the honor
of printing this show for him, he even paid me which is fantastic return on investment.

I wish him all the best and for those of you in Europe with the chance to see his show or even be at the opening I encourage
you to meet him.

You could find out about his how here www.maclupus.net