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Bill - thats a fair point, the only problem being that it I have no idea what shutter speeds are working, so I could also just waste a load of film too which is not cheap in the UK, (well, compared to 35mm!).

Also, if the images are not focused correctly, and the lenses are dirty, then will I really get a good indication of how the camera can really perform?

By the Way, I noticed a date scratched into the mirror last night - it looks like 5/11/34. Does anyone know the German date format?

Thanks for your input everyone. I have spoken to Brian Micklebro and he has said to send it to him and he will assess it first. Anyone else used him for a repair or CLA?


No you won't.
But I can tell you from personal experience that the camera is an excellent perormer if the lens is clean and clear. Any haze allowed to remain in the lens will pretty much ruin the contrast though, hood or no.