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The late Canadian photographer Gene Nocon wrote a book about printing and focussing the lens on the baseboard. He explained that because B&W images are only really interested in the blue end of the spectrum the focussing should be made with a grain magnifier which has a blue filter. He has images in his book demonstrating the difference between a non-blue filter focusing image and one where a blue filter is used. It does apper quite dramatic. The focussing magnifyer is one that used to sold in UK under the Peak name but was available under different names.

I happen to have one of these grain magnifiers but sadly no blue filter, so I use the colour gead on the LPL enlarger and dial in 50Y and 50C which gives a good blue light source. And yes I can support his theory that a blue filter does improve the focus point when using B&W. Obviously with colour neg there is no use for the blue filtration.
Not buying that. It may depend on how crap one's enlarging lens it, but I've tested it with graded paper and found no difference. Furthermore, variable contrast paper is sensitive to blue and green. So I would advise against the blue filter thing.