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All in all, Mr. Marshman's services were excellent. He worked hard to return my camera to original condition and communicated well with me during the process. He didn't leave a single mar or mark on my camera from opening or adjusting.

I would not hesitate to send a camera to Mr. Marshman again. His work was top-notch and reasonably priced.

I hope from this comment (and others), that Frank has gotten over whatever troubles he was encountering. I had him work on a number of cameras about 5+ years ago, and his cost and turnaround time were both great. Then a series of problems started - cameras would be gone for months, it would come back without being fixed, etc. The last straw was three tries to fix the shutter on a Chrome Six. After no improvement at all, I finally got tired of sending it back to him. SK Grimes fixed it up perfectly the first time.