Since everyone has been so helpful here I want to pass something along, even if it isn't much. They don't do film at the schools here anymore so no place local.

I have a Pentax K1000 with the 50mm f2 lens I need to give away. I have a ME Super and an MX, so I don't really need the K1000. It's missing the battery cover for the meter battery and in general is scuffed up, but no major dings. I've put a battery from my MX in it and using it's cover the meter matches what my MX gets with the same lens FWIW. You can get covers on that big auction site for next to nothing. The lens has a scratch or something on the inside of the front element (you can see it on the last photo on the right side not quite 1/2 way up from the bottom) so it's been taken apart at one time, but if I put some crosshairs on the film plane and look through the front of the lens with another camera at infinity it seems to be sharp, or dang close. I don't think the scratch would cause any issues to be honest. The little rubber ring on the focus dial tend to slip if you don't grab it well. Another easy fix. The aperture works fine with no sticking that I could tell.

I didn't give much for it and only ask for the cost of shipping it to someplace in the CONUS, should you want it for parts, to use, to pass on, etc. PM me if interested. Sometimes my notifications don't seem to get emailed to me, so be patient if I don't answer right away

Here's a few quick photos I snapped this evening.