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I got me today a box of 4x5" Fomapan 100 and ordered a box of Fomapan 100 in size 18x24 cm (almost 8x10" but not exactly) for my old Russian FKD plate camera in a local store in Maastricht, The Netherlands (Foto Rembrandt). A nice store with a lot of knowledge about analogue photography. They also had about 10 different types of B&W photo paper (Ilford and Fomaspeed) and in different sizes, many different developers (liquid and powder) and a lot of film. So I also got me a back of assorted paper, 120 roll films (Rollei, Agfa and Fomapan) and extra developer (Amaloco 74, Rodinal Oneshot and a Rollei C-41 kit).
I also got me about 5 rolls of expired Fuji color films $2.00 each and a new darkroom red light.

I had a good day

BTW: They had also some nice 2nd hand cameras, like a Zeiss Ikon rangefinder, old Canon, Nikon. Bronica, Mamiya 7 and Leica film cameras and many nice lenses.
Even a new Ilford Obscura Pinhole Camera 4x5" and many other nice analogue new stuff from Leicas to Holgas, film sheet holders, darkroom equipment, etc.
Also a 2nd hand Fuji X100 and Leica M9.
I thought about the Zeiss Ikon rangefinder for Euro 795, but don't really need it next to my Leica M7 ....

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Where? You didn't mention where you got this stuff?

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