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Adapt or dump the extinct for a new old enlarger...
Your post makes no sense whatsoever.

Why should someone who has invested time, effort and money in an expensive existing enlarger system setup throw it all away because of a now-obsolete bulb if a simple way can be found to extend that bulb's life?

I have a wall-mounted enlarger system. And 13 negative carriers, including 5 glass ones. And a 4-bladed masking attachment. And a micro-focusing attachment. And 7 enlarging lenses. And two 3-lens rotating turrets, one for modern Schneider optics and the other for period Kodak Ektar optics. The enlarger is directly mounted to a pair of 4x4 posts intentionally built into the wall and bolted to a concrete floor. The system has been custom modified and critically aligned to project onto a large polished birchwood workspace that was designed to accommodate a 16x20 Saunders easel as well as a 16x20 vacuum contact easel.

I'm supposed to throw all of that away and replace it with someone else's curb trash just because someone thinks I shouldn't even try to extend the life of a bulb?