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.....BUT - is this really an appropriate argument? Is it really the case that all things are created equal, and there's simply no inherent value in anything?

Value judgments can (and should) be made about things all of the time. Not all red wines are created equally, Beethoven created better music than the Spice Girls, and the Mona Lisa is a better painting than a Velvet Elvis. .
Can't agree with this as my 7 year old granddaughter and my 90 year old grandmother would consider all red wines equally bad. Opera was the pop music (spice girls?) of its day but is now art. So is the Mona Lisa a better painting than a velvet elvis or very simple cave rock paintings? And Grandma Moses is good why?

I don't have the answer either but often art is what the elite (self appointed or otherwise) say it is. Often as not the elite make their choice based on what sets the elite apart from the crowd rather than what distinguishes that art from other art.