Sorry for the late reply–I just saw this topic. I've been using a B-8 for several years and really like it. Mine has a standard column. I can make 16 X 20s from 6X6 negatives using a 75 mm lens, with slightly larger borders on the left and right. I recently started using a 60 mm Schneider W.A. Companon and that works very well and allows for a considerable amount of cropping. I use it with the "thin" auxiliary condenser, designed for a 75 mm lens. This is quite hard to find, but I managed to get one after a few months of searching. The wide angle lens also seems to work with the more easily available "thick' supplementary condenser intended for 35 mm negatives and a 50 mm lens. The 60 mm lens needs the flat lensboard made for a 50 mm lens. Because the WA lens projects quite far inside the enlarger you need to slide the board in first and then attach the lens. I've found that a 39mm threaded lens disc makes this easy, but a regular unthreaded disc and jam nut can be used by partially disassembling the enlarger.