Thanks for all the help. I think I'm going to pass on the Zone VI because I would need a bag bellows to use a 90mm lens to get a decent amount of movements.

I considered the Wista, but it has an inch less of bellows extension than the Tachihara, which is a bit on the short side too, but would work for me.

Two23, do you feel the Chamonix still has a fair amount of movements with a 90mm lens, or is it limited due to the bellows? That is my main concern with the Zone VI. I may consider one of these if I could find one for less than $800.

Someone told me that the ShenHao also has restricted movements with a wider lens. It seems like the Tachi is a good compromise for what I'm looking for in a 4x5 right now so I'll continue looking for one. It's hard finding a reliable place to purchase these cameras though, and a lot of the time it's without being able to see it beforehand.