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You've hit the nail right on the head. We are inundated with mass amounts of cheap products while low wage workers don't even have enough to live on. Also look at factory farms. We all must consume, but consume with awareness.
Buck the insane trend whenever you can: never buy cheap stuff guided by the price alone because that way you help the sick practice of cheap production to continue to thrive. To reiterate, you are robbed as consumer by the cheap stuff; and you're robbed if you're making it. Well made stuff is enriching and inspiring for the reason one comes into contact with other fellow beings expertise and creativity. All people we admire today left a lasting trace for their all out efforts and their passion for what they did - neither Shakespeare economised words to finish his work quicker thus producing it cheaper; nor did Verdi count the notes in attempt to become more "efficient"; even astute businessmen like Dali or Magritte were with no holds barred attitude when came to their work.