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I ordered the lens 90mm f3.5 KL, and i hope maybe next month or if i get my money paid to me as soon as possible then i will order the back and maybe another lens which is 127mm KL for RB Pro-SD, but i feel maybe i should look for something else such as wider lens [50/65] or at least a macro lens, what do you think?
I use the 65mm the most on my rb. I usually carry that lens and a 127 unless I am shooting portraits in which case i use the 150SF. Note that lens has marginal performance when not using it in SF mode. The 127 on the other hand is exceptionally sharp and I always use it in favor of the 90 (a focal length I am not comfortable with).

Good luck. Get a chimney viewer, the 65mm, a pistol grip handle, and go shooting handheld.

tim in san jose