Trying to define what you like and don't about a lens is so subjective that it becomes an impossible task to recommend anything.

What one person finds sharp another will find lacking or too harsh. And it's because we all want something different. It's why we shoot different cameras, different formats and different types of film ... if you shoot film.

Perhaps, you're dissatisfied with your photos.

I can tell you some things that generally are true.

- Most "portrait" lenses in the 75mm-135mm are plenty sharp.

- Women do not want to be photographed in hi-def ... ever.

- Cameras that seem less intimidating can be better tools for portrait work when photographing people who aren't used to being photographed. That's why a TLR can be a nice portrait camera. They are very non-threatening, and people relax.

- Cameras that take many shots in a sequence make most people tense.

- The best portrait lens is both sharp and soft at the same time.

My favorite lens (in 35mm format) for people is an 85mm Sonnar in Rolleiflex QBM. My second favorite is a Tessar at f/8 for medium format.