All of the above are great suggestions. I have a few additional suggestions I can offer. First, whatever burning tool you use (applies to dodging as well), practice, practice, practice without paper until you are proficient at burning the areas you want at the amount of time you want. Second, I find a foot switch to be invaluable. Third, wherever possible, burn a larger area all at once. When I started out, I constructed a bunch of opaque cards with different sized shapes cut out of the middle (e.g., holes, ovals, squares, rectangles, triangles). I was spending too much time moving the card back and forth, to and fro, up and down all the while trying to get the right amount of additional exposure to a large area. Now, I will use my hand, a combination of opaque materials, and even a cutout of the shape so that I can burn a larger area all at once. If a large area needs more burning at one end, I burn the entire area for the common amount of time and use a different burning tool on the area that needs more exposure still. This change in burning practices made a huge improvement in both efficiency and results. I still use the original burning tools, but only for situations where the tool is appropriate (e.g., burning in a street lamp's light in a night shot).