Well, the RB body i ordered came with a WLV, so whatever it is i will accept it, i am not sure what accessories i should replace or get for that WLV, will give it a test later and i hope it is similar or same as RZ ProII WLV because i love it, but who knows.

Well, i am not in rush for lenses, i used 50mm a lot on my RZ67 and it is a fantastic lens, sometimes it has that distortion or not parallel lines, but i learnt how to make it straight mostly, and i think 65mm will be a better FL over 50mm, at then end i can use RB lenses on RZ, so 65mm may be better for RB/RZ over 50mm on RZ.

I was thinking about a macro lens, but honestly speaking i feel either i stay in digital with Macro or buy a macro lens for Hasselblad 6x6 rather than Mamiya 6x7.