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You can safely bet that the vast majority of ghastly looking photoshop processed images were done following that mantra: done in haste (because time is costly) by poorly educated people with limited skills (because education and development of fine aesthetic sensibilities again is costly, and such employees are usually more demanding).
I don't think you'll find this is true. A least not in fashion type magazines. They pay top retouchers a ton of money as well as the photographers make-up artists and models. It can easily take a few days or more to retouch faces and bodies on top fashion shoots and cosmetic ads.

These "photographs" are also used for display in the offices of the cosmetic companies in very large sizes and for promotion in stores, so I don't think they go cheap on any of that part of the business.

I'm a watch enthusiast/collector and most watches in ads are also computer generated because of the time element. GOOD PUN.

Actually when the marketing dept starts to promote the watches they are not usually even made yet, so they are all created on a computer.