Hi, Martin!
The Rondinax is just superb, I use it for Colour C41 now too! It uses only 200ml of each chemical solution and I'll get 5 or 6 rolls easily. The only chemical that 'gets tired' is the Fixer. So in truth, this is replaced after about 4 films. I've used Tetenal for the colour negatives and I've achieved 8 rolls out of a 200ml solution (mixed!) with no visible deterioration in the quality of the negatives or scans.
If I'm correct, the Jobos and Pattersons use much more solution even for only one spiral. The only downside to the Rondinax is that you can only do one roll of negative at a time. Other than that, I swear by it! Top results every time!
I have a mini 'tent' as opposed to the bag and I only need that for loading up the bulk loader. This was a downside to the Polypan - the 90m spool is too large to fit in the loader so I managed to get about 40+ metres in.
What do you use? What's your setup?