There is just nothing better, than coming home after a rough day at work and finding three lovely cards in the mailbox!

Lillian Sly sent Evening at the Cardboard House. What an amazing image and fantastic print!I just love how you captured the mood and the atmosphere of the moment. This is an early favorite of this round for me. Really, really enjoyed this card, as it had me starting daydreaming on my short walk to the front door. I almost could feel the warm sun rays ...
Next one was mjs' Be The Art. I love how unposed and natural this image is. You can feel some of the joy and fun of the moment through your image, something I really admire in a photograph. The print is really nice and the contrast to me is perfect for the subject matter. Very well done indeed.
Last but not least I had the pleasure to enjoy Peter's Downtown Los Angeles Arcade image. I am sure the kid in the driver seat had tons of fun.

You all really stepped it up this round ... again ... !!!