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And, if I'm being honest, I think DigiNegs should be just another forum on APUG, not banished to it's own poorly trafficked website. Seriously, what has done more to revive platinum and alt-processes than digital negatives?
i agree, but the alternative that existed here called the grey area caused lots of trouble within the membership of this website.
im not sure if you are able to read any of the long winded and venomous threads from that time period but it was not a lot of fun.
and as you might read when someone posts questions about "are slide or negative scans allowed in the gallery" the troops are rallied
to try to create an all print scan gallery where people who may scan film or slides are almost given 2nd class status because
their work isn't "pure" ... i'm sure if there was some sort of a way to integrate the 2 sites sean would try to do it giving the hybrid people
a way to be part of apug and visaversa because at a certain level they both need eachother ...