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In a spectacular GAS attack I have also bought a 1949 Medalist II now....So, a shooting competition is in progress, and I will keep the one that I like the best. I have to say that the Medalist is certainly an original design. I am not having trouble with its ergonomics, but if I keep it I can see a day when the fussiness of rerolling 120 onto 620 spools may induce me to have Ken Ruth convert the feed side to take 120 directly.
My Medalist II (1945-1946) fully converted by Ken Ruth is the only MF that I have kept and that I am using.
The price of the conversion is noticeable and put the Medalist in the same price points than the Fuji GW690 so you better be sure that you like it.
Personaly for landscapes on a day when clouds move in and out before or after the rain loaded with HP5, that is my favourite camera (outside of using my 4x5 but that is a different animal altogether).