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I am not sure why people are interested in 3rd rate films. Kodak, Fuji, and Ilford are as good as it gets.
I have a load of frozen Shantou ERA 100 in 135 that I got in Beijing a few years ago for 75 cents a roll. Sure for the same price I'd take Tmax 100, Delta 100, FP-4 or Acros instead every time but even for 75 cents it holds it's own against the others. It's a fine performer, even in a P&S camera:

UC Berkeley campus YashicaT4Super Shantou ERA100 D-76-90perStock 6min45sec 20C 2010-12 VSmac 9000 Scan-101211-0007 by rich8155 (Richard Sintchak), on Flickr