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That is how I feel, von Hoegh. I am not embarrassed to say that I probably click my shutters more withOUT film than WITH. Hearing that precise clock work helps mitigate the dryness of digital 'perfection' age. One can 'feel' the engineering and labor that went into it. Is that so foolish?

Yes, expecially Nikon bodies under the professional level are giveaways today because the lenses are worth far more. I do wish that I had an alternative for the normal Nikon lens which has a value now of multiple times the value of that Nikkormat. I know that Russia made one but they, also, are tough to get. Compare that to the prices of cheap M42 mount normals and you know what I mean. They are a dime a dozen. - David Lyga
I recently bought a 28/3.5 Nikkor-H for $40, shipped, in very very nice user condition. With a little patience you can find similar deals. The 50/2 Nikkor-H goes cheaply, the 105s are sometimes available under $100, there are still bargains to be had. And you don't need a lens for every body, you just need a working set.