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If you have examples of what you intend to do with the results, it can help allay fears.
+1. Sound advice! A few other things I have picked up over the years: 1). Dress appropriately (I generally do the chino/buttondown thing); 2). Keep the equipment simple or unusual (i.e. a view camera on the street will almost certainly pique the curiosity of folks); 3). Be respectful: NO means NO; 4). If you are in a situation where you happen to shoot first, talk to the person afterwards (why/what, etc...); 4).Offer a print or d@*&#l file of the shot; and 5). Attitude: "street photography" is about capturing the business of life, it is not about hunting humans or picturing them in embarrassing/humiliating/unflattering situations (i.e. respect has to be part of your modus operandi).