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Yes, I find normal Nikons (of any vintage) difficult to get under about $25, even if somewhat battered. I guess I am spoiled because I get Minolta MD for $5! and M42 for LESS! Even Canon FD for $5 sometimes! - David Lyga
I bought recently a Yashica Tl Super for $2.15, with the Yashinon DX 50/2. I got a Nikkormat FTN with a 50/2 Nikkor H, in decent shape, for free a few years ago. Minolta for $5? OK, but there's a reason pros used mainly Nikon.

Nikons once went for a fair size fraction of the cost of a new car - Nikon F, FTN finder, 50/1.2, for $460-someting in 1972 (I have the original bill of sale); a new small car then was $2000~. Don't look a gift horse in the mouth.