Hello everyone,

My name is Dan and I hail from Winnipeg, MB in Canada aka Winterpeg. As my username suggests I have developed quite a fascination and love for the TLR. I suppose since it was the camera that I developed my very first film roll and first print from might have part of it's charm for me but I also love the simplicity and antique look of them. I suppose I am as much a collector as I am a photographer. As much as possible though I do try and restrict my collection to working cameras because I love to shoot with them as much as display them. Not a fan of wall hangers. That being said I have a Agfa/Ansco Viking and a Moskva 2 that need some work. I also shoot with a Koni Omega Rapid 100 and a Kiev 6c MF SLR on the 120 side of things. I also have Nikon FM, T70 Canon, and a Pentax P3 for the 35mm SLR range. I also have 2 Soviet FEDs and a beautiful Voightlander Vito I. As for Large format I have a 4x5 Pinhole and a 9x12 Errnamann Heig 0 plate camera which is still in perfect working order.

Anyway I hope to get to know everyone and hopefully share some pictures, experience, thoughts and advice. As for my shooting style I love landscape and street photography and find myself inspired by everyone from Ansel Adams, to Henri Cartier Brisson, to Vivian Maiers (love her street photography with a TLR although a Rollei is way outside my budget atm).