I do nothing to the darkroom itself.

The film, on the other hand, is a different story. With Sprint wetting agent, it is recommended to wipe off the excess before hanging the film to dry. So I use a soft sponge on the base side, and a very soft rubber edge on the emulsion side.
It's very rare that I get A single dust spot in any of my negatives.

The negs are hung to dry in the darkroom that I do nothing to, four feet from the house forced air furnace, with cats running around. There is no dust on my negatives.

While printing, I use a camel hair brush to brush clean the negative. Then I use compressed air to blow off dust on the negative base and the side of the Anti Newton Ring glass before the two are sandwiched in the carrier. Then I use the compressed air to blow off dust on top of the ANR glass as well as the emulsion side of the enlarger.

This works really well for me. There's usually no more than one or two spots to spot in my prints, unless there was something funny going on in the film's emulsion, in which case it takes a lot more spotting, but that comes with the territory.