I have to say, FilmPlus is a real gem. Every time I have gone in has been on Saturday, and the woman who works Saturdays is extremely knowledgeable and helpful with analog materials. I find it is the only storefront in downtown Toronto with an interesting selection. Plenty of choice in black & white film, paper, chemicals. I am pleased to be able to buy Diafine off the shelf at FilmPlus.

For colour film and lab work, I generally go to Downtown Camera. The owners seem to have embraced the idea of becoming "the film guys" and the store has a pretty good stock.

Henry's downtown has been pretty abysmal for film and analog for a while; but the newly redecorated store seems to have deleted the darkroom chemicals and paper completely. Henry's outlet moved to Dundas St. in Missisauga, and it's the only Henry's I enjoy going to. There are one or two knowledgeable guys and the film gear often ends up in the clearance bins, so it can be a treasure hunt.