My darkroom doubles as a laundry room, which is far from ideal. I also use a condenser enlarger, which doesn't mask dust. Nevertheless I don't have to do much spotting of my prints. I've grounded my enlarger (which may, or may not help, but can't hurt). I also use a Kinetronics anti-static brush (better than the Static Master brush I used for 50 years (for which the radioactive polonium cartridges have become prohibitively expensive) and a large Giottos air bulb blower (the best blower I've ever found). The Giottos blower is also great for getting dust off the plexi when I frame my prints.

To keep dust off my negatives when they're drying I spray the air in the room with water using a cheap plastic sprayer before hanging them to dry (and close the door to keep my cat out).