For sale i got a used BTZS 4x5 Film Tube Kit

I switched to the MOD54 system so i have no need for these anymore. There in pretty good condition. Could use a good cleaning with an old toothbrush.

Looking for 60 USD plus shipping, paypal only - will negotiate. But im a poor college student, feed me!

heres a description from the view store...

and the link -

BTZS Film Tubes are legendary among large format photographers.

Film Tubes are a simple to use rotary processing system that works better because of random two-axis manual rotation not found in any other processing system.

The tubes not only spin but wobble in the water bath therefore agitation is truly random.

Now you can mix different films, developers with different processing times and run them all in one run using a minimum amount of developer - only two ounces per 4x5 sheet - for greater economy.

Benefits are:

Even edge to edge development
Low chemistry usage
No rolling devise required
Process different films and/or different times in the same run
Convenient daylight operation