Thanks for warm welcome everyone. I have considered hunting on the bay for a Rolleiflex or Rolleicord but last time I looked they were ridiculously inflated with collector as opposed to shooter prices. Also have had a few interesting experiences with buying stuff based on a picture on line and not all of them good. Like I have a lens off of a Soviet Kiev 90 that is so rare most people have never even heard of them. Only a few thousand were ever made in the FSU and well I have a lens that won't fit anything for a camera that is substandard and rarer then hens teeth because the seller had no clue what they were selling (took me months of digging to figure out what it was as is). Anyway, one that I did pick up on a whim on Ebay for dirt cheap and kind of find myself liking is an old Richter Reflekta II and the model I have is pretty much in mint condition. I have a feeling someone living in the GDR got one as a present and forgot about it for half a century. The only thing with it is the mirror is a bit dirty but I can get that cleaned. Even has the original case and the leatherette is perfect. The glue that held it on is going though. I also have a mostly working Ciro Flex that I am rather fond of. I like odd and quirky cameras and the Relekta in particular fits the bill. The viewfinder is a bit dim but I am given to understand so were Rolleis of that period and was a matter of technology not quality. I love the TLR for street photography. Either people have no clue what it is or they think it is a cool novelty and are happy to have their picture taken. Not like with an SLR and people kind of look at you like you are shady.