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Locally I have seen both a Mamiya C33 and a Yashica 124G for sale. Anyone have any thoughts on these two cameras? I am mostly into street photography right now so I am kind of hesitant about the Mamiya since it is a bit bigger and clunkier like it was meant more as a studio camera.
I'm a big fan of the Mamiya TLRs if you intend to take advantage of lens interchangeability.

A camera with one lens is fairly large.

A camera with two or three lenses makes for a portable kit. In my case, I've settled on a C330 plus 65mm and 135mm lenses. In the past I've had as many as four lenses, and used to use them for weddings.

I would suggest a C330 or C220 instead though - the C33 is quite old.

If you intend to stay with a single, standard lens the Yashica is nicely compact.