No, seriously, you need this. If you like complex things, if you love German ingenuity, if you think Agfa did everything right the first time, this developing tank is for you.

It is a daylight loading and film developing tank. It can handle metal cassettes made by Leica, Zeiss and others. It has a built in thermometer, and it has, so far as I can tell, NEVER BEEN USED.

dev tank.jpg

A virgin developing tank. It comes complete with original box, original instruction sheet, original new developing tank "smell," or is that just dust? No clue. Seriously, it is super clean, super lovely.

I've never used it. Someone gave it to me, I've never had the energy to try to figure it out, but it really is cool. Sadly, I have cool up the wazoo, need room for more. My loss is your gain.

$35 and I pay the shipping? First money paypal to summicron12000@yahoo takes it, with my compliments and a free extra just for being cool. What will it be? You gotta buy to find out.


Charlie Trentelman