hi nedL
i agree with you and i disagree with you at the same time.
i think at a certain point 2 images made with different methods
and printed the same way tend to look the same ..
i have told the story before about giving 2 prints to a hardcore analog luddite
and he wasn't able to tell them apart ...
i think people see and believe what they want ...
and if someone wants to see the difference between things, they will always
insist on seeing things that others might not notice, and even after pointing out
the differences the other party still can't see them and they just agree / shrug their shoulders ...

i know people who love automat-expresso machines. i'm not a fan but i never turn down free coffee
i can tell the difference, they can't i just don't bother suggesting there is a difference anymore
because i have come to the conclusion that maybe i am imagining the difference in texture taste and nuance,
because, well, i like hand pulled shots ... and there probably isn't any difference in the end except they
don't have to clean up the mess but once in a blue moon, and i have to clean up the mess every time i pull a shot

to each their own ..

speaking of which, i think ill have some expresso after i post this