Mine is bent, and has been bent since I bought the enlarger some years ago. Through shimmying and jimmying, I got it acceptably flat to accept the neg carrier . . .on and off over the years I have searched for a new part. I've been to every boneyard on the web. This is not a common R&R part. I cannot imagine what circumstances were involved in bending what seems to be a pretty sturdy piece of metal, with no apparent damage to the rest of the enlarger.

Anyway, soon I will be building a new darkroom in a dedicated room in a new house, and I don't want anything to be mickey-mouse about it. A warped negative stage is definitely mickey-mouse.

Any ideas on options? Sheet metal shop, maybe replicate it? Machine shop, try to hammer it back to level? Forget about the whole deal and switch to photograms? Happy to hear any ideas that don't involve tape or silicon putty.