After a final rinse in distilled water with a drop of photo-flow, I hang my negatives to dry the the shower stall in my basement bathroom. Being a basement and a floor to ceiling tiled stall, it's humid enough that dust is not a problem on the negatives. I haven't used my enlarger in a while, but when I do I'll set it up in the same bathroom, where I assume the dust situation will be manageable.

My scanner, on the other, is near my desk, which is very close to the laundry. The clothes dryer is a dust generation machine so it's a big challenge to keep the dust down. I've had some success by building a plastic tent around the scanner and hanging a damp cloth in it to raise the humidity and reduce the dust . There is a limit, I assume, to the level of humidity and the proper functioning of sensitive electronics - I haven't hit it. Yet.