Hi there,

About half an hour ago I was cleaning my OM-1 and unmounted the lens. Left it in front of me, slightly close to the edge of my desk. Didn't take too long until I knocked it and... bang. 3 feet into the hard tile floor, including some rolling on the floor.

I was horrified by the sight (my good old poor lens, who accompained me on trips) but the lens seemed fine. It had a filter plus a hood but the rear element was unprotected... All of them fine. Diaphragm works well, all well... Heck, it even seems to have a smoother focus!

Except mounting... It sticks halfway, requiring superhuman force to successfully mount. I forced it a bit and I find it can be mounted and unmounted but requires a brutal level of force. I Mounted another lens on the camera and that one is fine.
I am intrigued by this, I thoroughly checked the bayonet and it looks alright; nothing bent. Rear lens cap works fine.
I can feel that halfway into the mounting, the bayonet lock begins to act. But I have no idea of what can let it lock in such a strong and premature way.

And while we're at it... The camera works fine, but I find that the higher speeds (60-1000) have weak clicks, with little resistance while switching them. The slow speeds are fine and with a rougher touch. It sat for a couple of years with very intermittent use.