I used these RB67 items a fair amount a few years ago... not so much these days. So, time to let it go.

Let's try this first as a complete kit, before I agree to do any separate sales.

RB67 Pro S body - very good shape, the usual few little nicks, and some scratches on the base. With rotating back and WLF, of course. Also, I should note that not all RB67 bodies have the larger, 6x8-compatible opening at the rear... this one does. So if you ever wanted to use one of the motorized 6x8 backs, you can. The stock focusing screen has a couple of horizontal blue ink markings added by some previous owner. I never bothered to try to remove them.

Focus Screen E - new in the box! This is the fairly rare one with 45 degree split rangefinder + microprism collar.

Pro S 120 film back - VG condition.
Pro SD back - basically brand new. Used perhaps 2 times.

50mm C lens - excellent condition. With caps.
127mm KL lens - almost new condition. With caps.
90mm KL lens - almost new. Caps.
210mm KL APO lens - almost new. Caps.

The three KL lenses are practically new items, used just a handful of times. The 90 and 210 have a couple of lightly worn spots on their shutter rings (I think on one outing they rubbed against each other in the bag for a little while). Also included will be a couple of the Mamiya collapsable rubber hoods, which can be used for the 90, 127 and 210 lenses.

2x B+W filters (77mm), one red and one yellow. Perfect condition.

Extension Tube #2 (82mm) - looks new.

Based on some researching of recent auction site activity, parting out would bring somewhere in the area of $1100. So let's say $900 for everything, + free shipping within the lower 48 states. For anywhere else, we should first determine an accurate price for shipping.

So... who needs an awesome RB67 rig?

ProS_3.jpg ProS_5.jpg ProS_4.jpg ProS_6.jpg

Sback_1.jpg SDback_1.jpg Mam50_1.jpg Mam50_3.jpg

Mam90_1.jpg Mam90_3.jpg Mam127_1.jpg Mam210_1.jpg

MamFilter_1.jpg MamScreenE_1.jpg MamTube2.jpg