We all have a different way of working and my own MO can vary from slow to quick, dependant on the scene/subject. Today I went to an event that was quite mundane and took about 11 shots. Like many photographers on APUG I am always looking for that ideal moment/composition which is often so fleeting and so very difficult to grab. Today I saw one and tried to grab it. To do this sort of photography you have to be almost completely aware of the frame boundaries even before putting the camera to the eye. The camera has to be set to what you believe to be the correct aperture/speed and sometimes even pre-focused on a distance in the scene that you guess may be the best distance for the aperture you are using. The shot sometimes being made in less than a second between seeing the composition/moment and putting the camera to your eye (I’m sounding like a digital snapper now, but it’s not like that and some may understand). Do others have their favourite MO for the type of photography they are doing?